Admirational Invitational

By Ellen C. Caldwell and Lauren Gallow For: studio e An invitation. An opening of doors. A conversation between artists. This is how “Admirational Invitational” was born. During a time when the world feels more isolated and closed-off than usual, studio e asked their current roster of artists to invite artists whom they admired to […]

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The Art and Artifice of Hand-Lettering

Don’t you crave more irregularity? In a world that is growing more and more technologically programmatic, we crave the handwritten and the hand of the artist, just as it feels like both are becoming obsolete.

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Through the Rabbit Hole: An American Arts Writer in Melbourne

Ghostpatrol (insty: @ghostpatrol) is known for his listless and fantastical line drawings, murals, and deceivingly faux-simplistic style that portray subjects which are anything but simple. Starting as a street artist in Melbourne, a city that takes pride in and even encourages this art form much more so than in the States, he grew his artistic passion into a multi-faceted career with projects ranging from murals, to prints, to animation, to tattoo commissions and so on. He imbues his humble drawings with a deeper aura which gives the sense of a heavy narrative and storyline that inspire me to think more deeply and feel more imaginatively. Two of his upcoming longer-term projects include animating a dream sequence for a feature film and painting a second wind turbine.

Lucas Grogan (insty: @xlucasgrogan) embroiders, sews, draws, and paints to create monochromatic works that call to mind Greek vessel and vase design elements (partially because of his most signature blue and white combinations, but also because of his Greek-like chastising, hovering, god-like figures). These schematics are immediately contrasted by Grogan’s pithy and cheeky textual slogans. Simply put, his work is flawlessly funny. I’d often scroll through his work with a quiet sly grin, cheeky glimmer in my eye, and/or an absurdly loud chuckle. Grogan’s upcoming years are packed with solo shows: in July 2014, he will have his first solo show at Martin Browne Contemporary in Sydney, followed by another at Hugo Michell Gallery in Adelaide in November. And in 2015, he has a solo at Cat Street Gallery in Hong Kong.

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Art & Instagram: Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

A few months ago, we were discussing how we had each quietly started following a few different circles of artists in various locations around the world via Instagram. Eventually, we started sharing our Instagram “likes” with one another through screenshots and tagging in comments on different feeds.

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