Art & Instagram: Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

By Ellen C. Caldwell and Lauren Gallow

A few months ago, we were discussing how we had each quietly started following a few different circles of artists in various locations around the world via Instagram. Eventually, we started sharing our Instagram “likes” with one another through screenshots and tagging in comments on different feeds.

We began tracking our likes and experiences as we delved into the alternative art market within Instagram. With ever-growing social media tools like InstagramVineTwitter, and of course Facebook, there is no question that the art market is expanding in exponential and unpredictable ways. The first Vine videos were recently sold as art last spring at the Moving Image Art Fair, for instance. Not to mention the explosion of new art “gallery” websites such as Artsy and Saatchi Online where you can browse and follow emerging artists. Even web giant Amazon is getting in on the game with their newly launched Amazon Art site, which sells original works of art at various price points….

Read the rest here at the New American Paintings.

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