The Art of Remembering

It wasn’t that I had to fight to bury or remember Rocky, but I understood more and more the desire and guttural need to do so—why someone like Antigone might go to such extremes to claim her brother’s body to say goodbye to him properly and on her own terms. I don’t know what happens to a soul, to our souls, or to our pets’ souls when they leave us, but there is an innate part of us that needs to both remember and to open a space to process that loss continually and continuously.

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Maya Angelou on writing, art, and inspiration

In these days following the killings in Isla Vista, I’ve been in a bit of a fog trying to process the tremendous loss and complex implications of the shooter’s motivations and words. In this wake of bitterness, sorrow, and frustration, I felt an even greater, yet unrelated sadness when I heard that Dr. Maya Angelou […]