Dan Caldwell and William Hocking’s “Jet Lag: A Neglected Problem of Modern Diplomacy”

“I have eaten too much and too well in service to country. On the other hand, I have not drunk enough nor slept enough to serve my country well.”

-President George H.W. Bush, All the Best: My Life in Letters and Other Writings (New York, NY: Scribner, 2000), p. 351.

Whenever I fly a considerable distance and return home a little worse for the wear, my dad always encouraged me to gear up to face the next day, no matter how tired I was saying, “jet lag is a luxury.” But I have always felt like it is far worse than that.

So this feels especially fitting now that my dad Dr. Dan Caldwell and our dear family friend Dr. William Hocking have published their recent study into some of the unexpected impacts of jet lag — on foreign policy and modern diplomacy.

Read the article here, in the Hague Journal of Diplomacy — and kudos to them for a great read!