Rebecca Farr’s “Out of Nothing” is Everything

Rebecca Farr’s show “Out of Nothing” is raw, yet welcoming. In it and through it, she challenges viewers to embrace their own loss…Not many shows could hold up to this November, but the form, function, adaptability, and beauty underlying Farr’s show do that and more.

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Crying for Obama

Why are we crying today then? We are crying because many of us feared we would never see this day in our lives. We are crying because grandmas who were born into segregation and fought for the right to vote not just as women, but also as black Americans voted for our next president. We are crying because the American populous is saying that our way of doing things these past eight years is no longer okay. Today, we are crying tears of joy for the future and tears of remembrance for the past because we now realize we can loosen the grip on our stomachs, the clenching of our fists, and furrowing of our brows. And as we let go little by little, we can breathe a little easier and we can walk a little lighter–with the knowing smile of wizards shared amongst neighbors, family, and strangers. I am not naive in thinking that Obama can fix everything at hand. No one could. But today is a day to celebrate. We are in an amazing moment in time. Right now. And tears are the only way for me to sum this up joy and wonder.

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