Process of a Painting with Nick Brown

In this Process of a Painting, we follow painter Nick Brown through his creation of Gloaming which is part of his larger, ongoing series Ice House.

English-born and LA-based Nick Brown paints oversized and grandiose oil paintings of an unexpected LA subject: snow and ice. Journeying into surrounding mountain communities outside of Los Angeles, he photographs glimpses of what man has left behind to be re-subsumed by the earth…Architectural ruins, signs of old houses and lives once lived, and decaying wood burning ovens and chimneys all point to mother nature’s slow, yet beautiful decay. 

These photographs inspire his drawing and watercolor studies which serve as preparation for his final large-scale oil paintings. They are raw and wild – and invite you to ponder both the fleetingness of our existence and the permanence of nature in a beautifully aesthetic package.

Read the rest here at New American Paintings.


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