Process of a Painting with Camille Hoffman

By: Ellen C. Caldwell
for New American Paintings

Camille Hoffman beautifully applies paint and mixed media to create collaged worlds that are fantastically mesmerizing, while also grounded and painterly. Her works inhabit a liminal space walking the line between realistic and other-worldly; timely and eternal.

In her recent work, Buried High in Heaven: Journey through nine antinomic realms, Hoffman uses golf course calendars, hair, plastic from a tablecloth, photos, and oil paint to create a monumental ode to her own artistic process and practice. Many of the allusions and collaged images in the work include references to her past weaving installations, thus welcoming viewers into a meditative space to reflect upon Hoffman’s own challenges, goals, and successes as a practicing artist.

Because of this self-reflectivity, it is especially fitting that we follow Hoffman in this Process of a Painting, as we move into her creative space, following her from sketch to finished painting in creating Buried High in Heaven…

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