Light, Letting Go, and the LA River with Debra Scacco

by: Ellen C. Caldwell
for New American Paintings

Debra Scacco creates rich, multimedia pieces that play with light, reflections, shadows, walls, and borders. Her 2015-2016 solo show The Letting Go at Klowden Mann was full of works on paper, paintings, and more sculptural installation pieces that reference and play off of nature and geography in aesthetically pleasing and deeply profound ways.

As a first generation Italian who grew up in New York and Atlanta, then lived in London, and who now resides in Los Angeles, Scacco uses her multi-layered, rich personal history to explore intimate geographies, nationalities, and identities through the physicality of art. With this, Scacco captures something very fluid in a medium that is so lasting — and this delicate push-and-pull between the two drew me to her work immediately. I was lucky to interview Scacco about her work and gain insight into her continuing process…

Read the interview here at New American Paintings.

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