Michelle, ma belle

ECLAIRE at Michelle Kronenberg's restorative yogaHaving grown up in LA, I have been returning to live here on and off for the past ten years.  During that time, I have been lucky enough to be a yoga student of a friend, teacher, and mentor Michelle Kronenberg. And every time I have been faced with the decision of whether or not to move back to LA, Michelle ends up being at the top of LA’s “pro” list.

Her teaching techniques and skills are a large part of what make her such an unusually strong and compelling teacher.  She varies techniques from that of Iyengar, Hatha, Vinyasa flow, restorative, yin yoga, and pilates to make a class that is ever-changing and always interesting.  You never know what the class will entail, but you always know you will be thankful you went.

If you attend her classes regularly, you will note her keen ability to hone in and focus on strengthening certain muscles each week.  There is a great flow to this, if you are lucky enough to attend multiple times a week.  You will also notice that she adapts classes with a flawless grace that keeps me in awe.  I often leave classes feeling that she has tailored them to my current disposition, headaches, and heartaches… yet I know that all of her students feel this way.

I also can’t say enough about Michelle’s private restorative sessions.  You leave feeling greatly relaxed and decompressed — and the really great thing is that she can pass this gift onto you personally.  She’s taught me many techniques that have helped me to deal with recurring, chronic pain — and now I can practice on my own now to alleviate symptoms.

On top of all of this, Michelle has an amazing personality and personability.  From the first class I attended with her, I really loved her humor and smile. But she also takes her teaching very seriously and always instills an amazing energy in the room as she teaches.  As a student, this helps me to stay focused and concentrated on my study.

Her instructions are precise and her guided meditation is fierce.  She is also wonderful at making students laugh when a smile would ease the pose. One of her key recurring phrases is “everybody likes a tight ass.”  And it’s true.

To read more about Michelle, check out this article in Yogi Times.  For her current teaching schedule or to arrange a private session, visit her website michellekronenberg.com.