Total obsession: Gemma O’Brien


Typographer and illustrator Gemma O’Brien (aka “Mrs. Eaves” on twitter and insty) is talented, funny, and inspirational.

This video of her talk at TYPO SF does it for me. I’m obsessed and inspired. She captures so many things I have been thinking about and writing about recently (right, Lauren)?!

“Something I started to realize that was quite interesting was that brands would take on this kind of brush aesthetic. And rather than being true to a calligraphic technique that was consistent, they preferred it to be incorrect, and to look like it had mistakes. And it was almost like there was this shift in valuing sincerity over technique.”

Watch it, live it, love it ~ and enjoy. To see more of O’Brien’s work, visit her blog For the Love of Type and The Jacky Winter Group.