In just two minutes…”Proud To Be”

So, I’m obsessing with this video Proud To Be.

I showed it in my seminar a month ago, after the NFL wouldn’t air it during the Super Bowl and before it aired on TV during the NBA playoffs.

  • In just two minutes, it successfully does what I try to do in at least four weeks of class time.
  • In just two minutes, it takes away any justifications and “time-honored traditions” that fans blindly cling to.
  • In just two minutes, it liquifies excuses so that they ooze and slip messily through their fanatics’ fingers.
  • In just two minutes, it humanizes.

Get involved and learn more here: NCAI Statement on Washington’s Team Name & NCAI Harmful Mascots Report: Ending the Legacy of Racism.

And for some of my favorites, please: